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The Living Polders project is an explicit and important part of Utrecht University’s broader portfolio of initiatives that revolve around the theme of drowning deltas.

Many of the world’s deltas that receive insufficient sediment are on the verge of reaching a tipping point at which the drowning of deltas – or parts of them – starts and cannot easily be reversed. Integrated sedimentation strategies are therefore needed, together with the institutional backing to ensure their implementation and with scientific commitment to support this.

Utrecht University’s Water, Climate and Future Deltas (WCFD) hub work to understand sediment behavior and look for sustainable strategies to manage sediment. Tidal River Management – the focal point of the Living Polders project – is such a nature based sedimentation strategy.

On this website you can find an overview plus the details regarding all sediments matter related initiatives at Utrecht University, including information on the Living Polders project and the ways in which our project relates with other themes and efforts.

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